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• 7/30/2018

Mach 5 in GTA v

Coming in a few weeks
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• 4/27/2018
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• 4/7/2018

Videogame files

I downloaded the game ISO and i have the car model files and audio files. Let me know if you guys wanna use them
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• 11/16/2017


As a bit of activity on the discussions would be good, you are free to speculate about what might happen in a new Speed Racer project which has been announced more than two years ago. Personally I think that it might be a modernized retelling of the original series from 1967, as Speed Racer X and other later adaptations including American ones never reached the popularity of the original.
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• 12/2/2016

Introducing Discussions

Hey there Speed Racer fans. Obviously Fandom finally starts disestablishing the old forums and fully replaces them with discussions. Do you like the discussions?
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• 12/1/2016
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