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Mr. Royalton at breakfast.

E.P. Arnold Royalton, Esq. is a character from the Speed Racer film, he is portrayed by Roger Allam. He is the founder and head of Royalton Industries and is a fierce competitor of many other companies, one of them being Togokhan Motors.

In the film, he offers Speed Racer a contract to be a racing driver for his company, offering him a luxurious lifestyle. However, Speed later refused, opting to keep the family feel of his team. Royalton then reveals that Speed has been disillusioned all this time, and that all WRL-sanctioned races are fixed with the outcome designed to benefit the sponsors. He threatens Speed that he will ensure he will not even finish a single race. He and his ally Cruncher Block later contract Snake Oiler to dispose of Taejo Togokhan and later Speed Racer in the Crucible, a no-holds barred rally race. Taking things further, he had also hired the drivers of Flying Foxes Freight, Thor-Axine, Inc. and Sempre Fi-Ber to try and eliminate Speed, Taejo and Racer X during the race. This attempt fails, which ends with Snake Oiler and the others losing the race and Cruncher Block getting arrested. Royalton later sics his GRX on Speed Racer at the Grand Prix with Jack "Cannonball" Taylor as the driver.

During a bout in the race it is revealed that he had equipped the GRX with a spear hook (illegal in WRL regulations) which caused Royalton Industries to be disqualified. He is later exposed for all of his other acts of corruption with the help of Taejo Togokhan as a star witness, when a newspaper article states that Taejo has agreed to testify against Royalton and Cruncher Block. Royalton later ends up in jail.

Royalton is known for having one of the top teams in the WRL, but he believes that money and power came first, and racing comes second. In short, greedy and power-hungry. He also believed that racing had everything to do with business. He was later proven wrong when Speed won the WRL Grand Prix.


Jack "Cannonball" Taylor

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  • In British terminology, Esquire (abbreviated as Esq.) is a polite title appended to a man's name when no other title is used, typically in the address of a letter or other documents. This would indicate that Royalton himself is of British descent. Considering that he had started the company with a Commodore 64 computer, which was popular in Europe, especially Great Britain, during the 1980s, this may not be too surprising.
  • He used to work for a company called GloboCom before quitting his job there and starting up Royalton Industries from that point.

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