The Augury

Augury t-180(2008)

The Augury (2008)

  • Car: The Augury
  • Driver: Racer X
  • Number: #9 (Film)
  • Affiliation/Sponsor: Independent (Secretly: C.I.B.)
  • First Appearance: Speed Racer (film)
  • Other Appearances: Speed Racer The Videogame
  • Background: N/A
  • Specifications: The car was developed in collaboration by the C.I.B. and the brilliant chemist and theoretical physicist Minx. It featured a next-generation Godelian Survival Cell connected to an Encooler DX Porting Sequencer. Every component of the car down to the joint system in the wheelbase is made of composite core, making it as light as a feather. The Augury also features a Dragster Drive Computer, which pushes the vehicle's Apache block to an MPS rating not attunable in heavier cars, along with inter-optic analysis metering hardware keeping the wheels in direct contact with what is thought to be an optimized fuel cell multiplexer. A loud and proud car, it also features an innovative composite muffler system on the underside.


  • The term "augury" means a sign of what will happen in the future; an omen.