Awesome Racer is a Newgrounds video that's a parody of the anime. It became popular in YouTube and as an internet meme.


Speed is driving home and when he arrives, he discusses with his family about the ridiculous names we got such as Spritles name not being a word, Speed's name is based on the division of distance and time, Rex's name is Latin for "king" and the parents names are typical parenting addressings such as "Mom" and "Pops".


  • Spritle's line "Can I have some of your milk, Speed?" in which he said it 3 times became a fad.
  • Some of the comical features from the original show such as the mis lip-syncing and the voice acting is based on the original series.
  • Rumors have stated in Youtube that there was a sequel of the movie (even tags taking to the link) but it's untrue.

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