Colonel Colon (portrayed by Werner Daehn) is a character featured in the Speed Racer film and the video game. He is the lead driver for Sempre Fi-Ber's racing team in the Casa Cristo 5000.

In the video game, he is an ally of Delila and a rival of Prince Kabala.

Quotes (Video Game)

"Do you know who I am? I am Colonel Colon!"

"No, and don't hate me cause I'm better than you."

"I'd rather eat my boots."

"Can I make you the best offer you'll get?"

"And that was a special ops top secret expert maneuver!"

"Even when I lose I can still hold my head high."

"Sorry to break your heart."

"Have you ever dreamed of being a soldier?"

"How dare you disrespect my rank?!"


  • A colon is an organ in the human body that removes water from digested food. Also known as large bowel or large intestine. Not surprising, since Sempre Fi-Ber specialized in digestive aids.
    • Colon is also the first five letters in the term colonel, referring to a military officer rank that is above a lieutenant general and below a brigadier general.


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