Cruncher Block is a character from the original series who is one of the members of the cartel who are known to fix races for sponsors' profit.

Character traits

Cruncher Block was a racketeer who built a car out of stolen gold in order to smuggle the gold past inspection checkpoints.


Live-Action Film

Cruncher Block had appeared in the live-action Speed Racer film portrayed by John Benfield. When Taejo Togokhan doesn't agree to go with Arnold Royalton's race-fixings, Arnold has Cruncher Block deal with him. On his truck, Cruncher Block tortures Taejo stating that he was warned not to go against Royalton's offer. Before he can have Taejo's hand fed to his pet piranhas, Cruncher Block's truck is attacked by Racer X causing Cruncher Block to have his men throw Taejo out of his truck.

When it comes to Speed Racer and Racer X racing on Taejo's team in The Crucible race, Cruncher Block payed the best racing teams to make sure that Taejo's team doesn't win. After the first round, Cruncher sent some ninjas to attack the three racers. One of them succeeds in temporarily poisoning Taejo, but the other two were defeated. This causes Taejo's sister Horuko Togokhan to fill in until the second race. During that time, Taejo disguised himself as his sister in order to fool Cruncher Block's men. When it came to the middle of the race, The Racer Family, Racer X, and Taejo were attacked by Cruncher Block and his men. Before he can remove Racer X's mask, a fight scene occurs between both sides which results in Cruncher Block being defeated and arrested.

A newspaper article at the end of the movie states that Taejo Togokhan has agreed to testify against Royalton and Cruncher Block.


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Behind the scenes

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