Gothorm Danneskjøld

Gothorm Danneskjøld is a character in the 2008 film Speed Racer and Speed Racer The Videogame. He races for Thor-Axine Inc.. In the game, his ally is Esther Reddy and his rival is Rosey Blaze. His personality can be described as a bloodthirsty, deranged man. He even says that he loves slaughter.



  • Gothorm is the only character in the game whose ally's car and rival's car are identical in design.
  • The name of his car, Taangrisnir, is the name of one of the two goats who pull the god Thor's chariot in Norse mythology, although the correct spelling of the name is "Tanngrisnir."
  • Whether or not Gothorm is truly crazy rests on the fact that he actually calls himself crazy. Crazy people generally tend to think that they are fine. With this, we can think that Gothorm is a psychopath. Or he just really likes violence. Or both.

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