• Car: Hangul
  • Driver: Taejo Togokahn (film and game)
  • Number: #77 (film and game)
  • Affiliation/Sponsor: Togokahn Motors (film and game)
  • First Appearance: Speed Racer (film)
  • Other Appearances: Speed Racer The Videogame
  • Background:
    • Built by Togokahn Motors, this race car is driven by the son of the CEO, Taejo Togokahn. In the Speed Racer film, we see one of the two versions of this car, the rally racer used in the Casa Cristo 5000.
    • The other version of this car is a Togokahn Motors T-180 used in the World Racing League. Taking place a year after the film, Speed Racer The Videogame features Taejo racing against Speed and the other talented racers of the WRL. The T-180 Hangul is similar to the other racers on the track having a one-seat Formula 1-styled design (as opposed to the two-seat rally racer Hangul). It is equipped with the standard auto-jacks that are installed on all T-180s in the WRL. The car also features Togokahn's proprietary thermionic reciprocator linked to a powerful TM 9-71 engine with a modified Kinginrin reverse helix exhaust port to release the engine's 567 dyne cm of torque. To keep the wheelbase from disintegrating from the immense horsepower of the engine, the joint system features single-forged bromium hydrate wishbones.
    • The T-180 Hangul is nearly identical to Mariana Zanja's Petrobras 1, the only notable changes being a new coat of paint



  • "Hangul" is the South Korean name of the Korean alphabet.

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