In 2008, LEGO released several play-sets which were based on the 2008 Speed Racer movie.

Grand Prix Race

This large 595 piece set includes:

Speed Racer and Snake Oiler

This set includes Speed Racer and Snake Oiler mini-figures and the two cars.

Racer X and Taejo Togokhan

This set includes Racer X and Taejo Togokhan mini-figures, and the two cars.

Cruncher Block and Racer X

This set includes:

  • Minifigures of Cruncher Block, Racer X, Cruncher's Driver, and Taejo Togokhan
  • Cruncher's semi-truck with a flip-top roof, a launchable missile, and artwork on the walls. The truck is 13" long.
  • Racer X's car.

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