Here is a list of the racing teams featured in Speed Racer (1967) and Speed Racer (2008).

Racer Motors

Racer Motors is the main team in both the anime and the film. They are not financially backed by any sponsors and therefore run as an independent team. There only driver is Speed Racer but was Rex Racer before he left. Their known driven cars are the Mach 5 and the Mach 6.

Royalton Industries

Royalton Industries only appears in the film. Arnold Royalton founded and owns this team. The most well known of their drivers is Jack "Cannonball" Taylor. Royalton gives the Cartel unlimited resources to make sure that Team Togokhan does not finish the Casa Cristo Classic 5000 by hiring wildcard teams. Royalton is exposed as a cheater during the Grand Prix when Jack "Cannonball" Taylor's GRX is shown to be equipped with an illegal spear hook.

Togokhan Motors

Togokhan Motors is a major team in the film. The owner of the team is Tetsuo Togokhan, who's son, Taejo Togokhan is the driver of the team. Taejo, Speed, and Racer X form a temporary alliance for the Casa Cristo in which Taejo wins, raising the company stock and and was thought to double the cost needed for a buyout of Togokahn Motors, and even though he was thought to have a file with the information to put Cruncher Block and Arnold Royalton behind bars, he refuses to hand it over after the race. After which, he declines his automatic invitation to compete in the Grand Prix, and sends Horuko Togokhan as a messenger to give Speed Racer the invitation and therefore he will compete instead of Taejo.

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