There were different tracks throughout the Speed Racer series and Movie. This page will list all tracks ever featured in all of Speed Racer.

Thunderhead Raceway

Thunderhead was the first track featured in the Speed Racer film, and is located on the outskirts of Cosmopolis. Rex Racer holds the lap record before and after Speed Racer's race, with a time of 9:18.65. Before Rex Racer became Racer X, he took Speed Racer to Thunderhead to practice. The track surface is forged steel. Two of Thunderhead's more notable features are it's infamous dog bowls and 30-meter Dreadnought Jump. It is not much of a surprise to say that this is Cosmopolis' oldest WRL track. It was designed by racing legend, Velocity Dewitt.

Fuji Helexicon

Fuji Helexicon is a track built into an archipelago in the west seas with features as diverse as a volcano, a coral reef, and an overhanging granite cliff. The race departs from Fuji's capital Monocity rather leisurely, but if a driver doesn't get up enough speed, they might find themselves belly up in the first turn of the fearsome corkscrew pass. The track also boasts inclines of 90 degrees and more. Couple that with two fearsome jumps and you've got one of the most challenging tracks out there.

Grand Prix Colosseum

Grand Prix Raceway was the last track featured in the Speed Racer film. Jack "Cannonball" Taylor has won at this racetrack twice. The track is tweaked every year to keep ahead of automotive advances to ensure all WRL racers will be met with a challenge. The track is covered by advanced resin to make sure that all cars can get a grip on the track and keep it.

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