Dr. Nightcall and his daughter trick Speed Racer and frame him for the  burglary of a device called the Mizmo beam which they build into the copy of the Mach 5 they build for their boss Cumulus. In addition to the Mizmo beam, the duplicate Mach 5 can sprought side wings allowing it to fly.


In the episode

This is the second time we the audience see the Mach-5's speedometer.  As with Fastest Car on Earth the Mach-5's maximum speed is 360 km/h (about 224 miles/hour).




Speed Racer E22 MACH 5 VS MACH 5 PT 1-020:09

Speed Racer E22 MACH 5 VS MACH 5 PT 1-0


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The Fastest Car on Earth (Part 2) {{{season}}} Mach 5 vs. Mach 5 (Part 2)

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