Mach GoGoGo is the original name for the 1966 manga series written and illustrated by Tatsuo Yoshida featuring Speed Racer. It was published by Shueisha and serialized in Shonen Book from June 1966 until May 1968.




- Gou Mifune (Speed Racer)

- Michi Shimura (Trixie Shimura)

- Sabu (Sparky)

- Ken'ichi Mifune/Masked Racer (Rex Racer/Racer X)

- Kurio Mifune (Spritle Racer)

- Sanpei (Chim-Chim)

- Daisuke Mifune (Pops Racer)

- Aya Mifune (Mom Racer)

- Detective Rokugou (Inspector Detector)

- Genzou Sakai (Skull Duggery/Zoomer Slick)

- Captain Terror

- Snake (Snake Oiler)





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