The Melange

  • Car: Melange (1967)
  • Driver: Flash Marker (1967); Flash Marker Jr.(by remote) (1967)
  • Number: #X3 (1967); #3 (disguised) (1967)
  • Affiliation/Sponsor: unknown
  • First Appearance: Race for Revenge (Part 1) (1967)
  • Other Appearances: Race Around the World (Part 2)
  • Background: "Melange is the name of a horse that was famous." When Speed says this a famous painting of Napoleon Bonaparte on his horse, Marengo, is shown. Apparently, the word "marengo" must have looked more Japanese than French in the original script and was translated as "Melange." Marengo is actually an Italian place name, site of a very successful battle for the general. Both Napoleon's horse and the culinary dish Chicken Marengo were named as a result.


  • The X3 appears along with the Mammoth Car in Speed Racer The Next Generation, episode "The Fast Track", parts 2 and 3. In this appearance, it has changed color and now has a roof.

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