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  • Hey there, I was looking to become a second admin for this site. I've been collecting and studying Speed Racer for years and have alreadt begun to add pages and the new Toy category. I would love to update the front page as well as others. Thank you for your time. 

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    • Hi. On our wikis we generally wait until the franchise and thus also the wiki is active until we hold a contest in which users with powers are voted by the entire community. However for the more inactive times when the wiki is in a semi-active state, we also sometimes promote users but in any case without bureaucrat rights and also in a lot of cases without admin rights. For the time being I promote you to content moderator.

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    • Sounds good, I know Tatsunuko is working on a reboot, so hopefully we'll get some updates soon!

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    • Yeah this was announced two years ago. Hopefully there are soon some updates after all these months. 2017 would have been a great release date, as the original Speed Racer anime started in 1967, fifty years ago.

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    • Exactly, the new collectors set looks awesome tho! Gonna make a page for Funimation soon. The new updated look for Speed looks reallly nice. The same outfit up updated to new animation.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I tried looking up Action Television but I can't find anything of it. Therefore, I think that it was a made-up TV network. If it were a real TV network, then the logo would have to be designed more professionally. 

    Along with that, looking at the article for Kids KTV Manga, the logo looks as if it were put together in MS Paint, which I believe it is.

    Also, don't worry about Spacetoon. I looked it up and it's an actual TV network and that it aired Speed Racer

    Same applies for CBBC, which aired The New Adventures of Speed Racer.

    I looked up Ene. It's a fanonical TV channel that was made up featured in Dream Logos Wiki, which is the fanon wiki for Logopedia.

    WB XD/CN Jr. is also a made-up TV network.

    CTC (STS), on the other hand, is an actual Russian TV network.

    Made-up TV networks

    1. Ene

    2. Kids KTV Manga

    3/ WB XD/CN Jr

    4. Action Television

    Actual TV networks

    1. Cartoon Network

    2. CTC (STS)

    3. Spacetoon

    4. Nickelodeon

    My point is that I don't want this wiki to become a dumping ground for articles about fanonical TV networks that don't exist in real life. However, you can come up with fanonical stuff using the blog post functionality. If you want, though, I can start up a fanon wiki for Speed Racer, and give you a high position there. 

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  • Why'd you revert my edits? No offense, but your version looks ugly and comes across as more of an ad than anything else.

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    • I doubt that the version provided by Moviejunkie and his colleagues from MoviezWorldwide looks ugly and comes across as more of an ad. I like your version less than MoviezWorldwide's and that's not just because I'm a current volunteer and future staff member of MoviezWorldwide. There is no need for a featured article section. It's better if you have links to the four main lists on the slider at a later time. However MoviezWorldwide has made a lot of compromises on their many wikis in the past and will continue to do so, but unfortunately there are almost no users who edit this wiki recently. Compromises should rather be worked out when there is more going on. Regarding your other edits, MoviezWorldwide appreciates it a lot if users from their wikis add content. As MoviezWorldwide has to run a lot of wikis, they can't spent all their time on one wiki and have to set priorities.

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    • I struggle to see how having an image slider that consists exclusively of the low res (and poorly edited) logo + background image is more aesthetically pleasing than what I did. I fail to see the purpose of listing a dozen private offsite social media networks that literally go no where. If you actually did lead them somewhere, they would come across as an ad, because things like a Twitch channel or an Instagram have little relevance to the purpose of a Wiki.

      Looking at the other English Wikis that MoviezWorldwide claims to operate, I notice a trend. The main pages on all of them either contain the same space wasted on social media feeds or are extremely threadbare, with a universally amatuerish look. It's great that you want to manage and promote (largely) abandoned Wikis. It's not great that you're trying to run so many that the majority are left as skeletons. Out of the 10 English language Wikis you've either set up or have been given bureaucratic rights to, half have fewer than 50 pages.

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    • As with the image slider Moonlight already said that it will link to the four main lists at a later time as seen on Tenkai Knights Wiki. Regarding social media we think that social media is the most important aspect of a community. Wikis without social media almost are nothing these days. Other wikis also link to their social media accounts. It is in particular important for us as we started off as YouTubers almost ten years ago, officially united in late 2012 under the name Anime Movement and rebranded in October 2015 as MoviezWorldwide after successfully running the Tenkai Knights Wiki. However given that Speed Racer is currently inactive it is unlikely that we would start social media accounts for this wiki, but if Speed Racer is active again, we will start such accounts. As with the English wikis we operate it can be easily explained why they are "skeletons". Battle of the Planets hasn't started yet, Beast Saga ended after just one season on Japanese television, Blazing Team hasn't aired for more than half a year and also aired on a very unimportant channel, Brave Beats ended after just 24 episodes on Japanese television, Fairilu only airs on Japanese television, Heroes only was released on a Brazilian streaming site and not anywhere in North America, Kamiwaza Wanda only airs in Japan and is likely to end soon according to a recent Takaratomy presentation and Scan2Go and Tenkai Knights had ended their international run after just one season. However we also run the German Beyblade and Digimon Wikis and they are likely to become active again, as both series started a new season this year.

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    • I think Moviejunkie and Moonlight are right.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, welcome to Speed Racer! Thanks for your edit to the Speed Racer, Jr. page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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    • A FANDOM user
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