Pitter Pat is an Australian driver in the Speed Racer Movie. He also appears in the Speed Racer Videogame.


In the game, Pitter Pat is allies with Snake Oiler and rivals with Delila.


Pitter Pat is a perennial also-ran driving for Razorback Depilatory. His car, the Feral, is said to be factory-standard stem to stern in the Supercharged DVD featurette. He can be seen day in day out at Thunderhead, toiling for a spot in the standings. Pitter Pat appears briefly at the race at Thunderhead at the start of the film where he is racing with Snake Oiler drafting him and they are driving behind Speed Racer. Snake tries to slingshot after Speed in the next turn, but Speed uses his jump-jacks to avoid Snake who subsequently drives under and in front of Speed. After Speed lands, Snake loses control of his vehicle in a sharp curve, and Speed manages to avoid getting hit by him. Snake starts tumbling in his vehicle which hits Pitter Pat's car, making it tumble as well, and both vehicles are destroyed. Snake and Pitter Pat were unharmed thanks to the Kwik-Save devices in their vehicles. Pitter Pat is not seen or heard from again after this.


  • His car is designed to resemble a feral pig, hence its name, "Feral."
  • Pitter Pat describes himself as "Cagey". Being cagey means that you are reluctant to give information to someone, or you tell your opinions rather than the facts.



Pitter Pat's Helmet


Pitter Pat in the Movie

Razorback t-180(2008)

Pitter Pat's car, the Feral