Pops Racer (三船大介, Mifune Daisuke?)

The world’s foremost automotive engineer, Pops Racer designed and built the fabulous Mach 5. Pops can always be counted on to be as loud and overbearing as any well-meaning father has the right to be. But his love for Speed and his faith in his son’s ability as a top-notch racer car driver brings out the kinder, gentler side of his personality, particularly in light of his overprotective treatment of his first son, Rex.

The older boy ran away from home when he was Speed’s age. But this doesn’t mean that Pops isn’t protective of Speed. On occasion, Pops will battle many a villain, putting to good use his skills as a former wrestling champion of the Westside Grunters and Groaners Club. Undoubtedly, his automotive genius, his enthusiasm (he was once hospitalized with exhaustion while outfitting the Mach 5 with winglets), and his advice help make Speed the superstar of the racing world.

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