Prince Kabala is a character from the original series.

Character traits

Kabala was a racer from Kapetapek who died years ago in an avalanche. He was a mentor to Racer X and taught him how to navigate dangerous roads. Racer X impersonates him to keep the borders of Kapetapek from opening in his memory. Prince Kabala also appears in the movie Speed Racer. Taejo Togokhan (Also Racer X's rival in Speed Racer The Videogame), was Prince Kabala's ally and Colonel Colon was his rival.

Prince Kabala's car. (toy version)


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Behind the scenes

Even though Kabala is never mentioned again, the techniques for driving on mountain roads he taught Racer X left a lasting impression, allowing him to perform exceptionally in both the Fire Festival race, and the extremely deadly Alpine Race.


  • He appears in Speed Racer the video game as an unlockable character.
  • His car is covered with Diamonds.

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