Speed royalton

Royalton Industries (also known as R.I. for short, or just Royalton) is a company featured in the Speed Racer film. It is a large corporate conglomerate responsible for creating "some of the most revolutionary automotive concepts since the wheel", as well as being one of the top racing teams in the World Racing League. According to its founder and E.P., Arnold Royalton, he had started the company on a Commodore 64 computer in the basement of his foster parents' home and built it up from there.

The crown jewel among the properties controlled by Royalton is the company's headquarters, Royalton Tower, which is also the fastest vertically integrated production plant in the world, capable of producing a car within 36 hours. Royalton Industries also controls one of two transponder manufactories in the world, the other being owned by Musha Motors.

The drivers in Royalton's racing team, especially Jack "Cannonball" Taylor, are well-trained and well-prepared for any race while also living a luxurious life at Royalton Tower, with full maid service and personal chefs and masseurs available 24/7.

However, there is a dark side to Royalton Industries, as it is one of the corporate entities engaged in a massive race-fixing conspiracy within the WRL, where the outcomes of fixed races benefit the sponsors. As such, it is the main antagonistic force in the film.

Before the final race at the Grand Prix Colosseum, Royalton equips a spear hook weapon (which is illegal in WRL regulations) to the GRX, driven by Cannonball Taylor. Unfortunately for Royalton, their role in the race-fixing scandal was brought to light when Speed Racer exposed the spear hook for all to see when Taylor had attempted to eliminate the former.

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  • Cenestro Foods
  • Eleven other unmentioned subsidiaries