Sempre Fi-Ber is a company featured in the Speed Racer film and video game. It is a manufacturer of cutting-edge dietary supplements and digestive aids with a military motif, also sponsoring their own racing team, which is lead by Colonel Colon. Their marketing slogan, "First in, last out", has won consumers of all ages.

During the events of the film, Sempre Fi-Ber's racing drivers were hired by Arnold Royalton to eliminate Speed, Taejo and Racer X during the Crucible, bribing them with a briefcase full of money. However, they were soundly defeated in the race, along with Thor-Axine, Inc.'s drivers. 

Known Personnel

The Car

Casa Cristo Classic 5000/The Crucible

Sempre Fi-Ber's racing team is a regular fixture at the Casa Cristo 5000, but they had yet to post a single win in the standings. Their camouflaged rally cars feature a factory-standard Kawarimono chassis, nothing too special ("Booooring," as the narrator for the Supercharged featurette puts it). The body shell of the vehicle is broad and low-slung, following the contours of a modern military helmet. However, like most rally cars competing in the race, it is armed with illegal weapon modifications. The Sempre Fi-Ber rally car comes equipped with a titanium Sempre-Fi Articulating Scissorator, as well as a goop-blasting Bo-Bae R124 Plasma Cannon. It is suggested that the team's aggressive headhunting tactics is the reason why Sempre Fi-Ber has 45 straight DNF's to their name.


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  • The company's name is a play on words on the U.S. Marine Corps. motto "sempre fi", which is Latin for "always faithful", and digestive fibers.
  • The Kawarimono chassis is named after a species of koi fish.
  • Despite the Supercharged featurette showing the weapons featured in the rally car, they were never used in the film.

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