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"Clever Choice..."

--Sonic Boom Boom Renaldi

Sonic Renaldi is a driver of the WRL racing for the team Godelian Autonomics. Although in the film, he has few appearances (mostly in the Grand Prix), the character is depicted as one of the many competitors tasked to eliminate Speed Racer by any means necessary. He tried at the very beginning of the Grand Prix to stop Speed Racer by using his own car as an obstacle to stop and block Speed´s advance and waiting for another car to crush Speed between the two, but this was useless as Racer used the Mach 6 jump jacks to evade the crash. Sonic "Boom Boom" Renaldi drives a green car with chalk drawings named "Chalk-Head" sporting the number 33 with Godelian Autonomics in the rear wing and Uniron at the car sides. He also makes an important appearance in the film game "Speed Racer The Videogame". His car in the game has overall good attributes and proves to be a good competitor in all sorts of races. In the game, his ally is Booster Mbube and his rival is Mariana Zanja.



Renaldi at the Grand Prix

Cars 11

The Chalk-Head

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