Speed Racer soundtrack


The Speed Racer soundtrack is a soundtrack album containing the music of Speed Racer, including the musical score by Michael Giacchino.


  1. I Am Speed
  2. World’s Best Autopia
  3. Thunderhead
  4. Tragic Story of Rex Racer
  5. Vroom and Board
  6. World’s Worst Road Rage
  7. Racing’s In Our Blood
  8. True Heart of Racing
  9. Casa Cristo
  10. End of the First Leg
  11. Taejo Turns Trixie
  12. Bumper to Bumper, Rail to Rail
  13. The Maltese Ice Cave
  14. Go Speed, Go!
  15. He Ain’t Heavy
  16. 32 Hours
  17. Grand Ol’ Prix
  18. Reboot
  19. Let Us Drink Milk
  20. Speed Racer

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