Speed Racer Goes Crazy is a popular Youtube video uploaded by Johnny Kearns as a parody of the anime.


The film uses recycled clips from previous episodes, soundbites of Peter Fernandez and original voices (along with editing) to make a full parody episode in which Speed goes psycotic on knocking over the racers to their deaths.


  • Although claimed by rexdoodle to be a lost episode, it is not. It's just a parody.
  • The episode featured recycled clips and scenes from previous episodes, some original music scores from the show and some soundbites from Peter Fernandez, along with some heavy text editing to make this episode. Speed's psycotic laughter was actually the laughter of a scientist who invented the super-car in "The Car With a Brain" in which Peter Fernandez used his Speed-voice by mistake for that laughter which is why it was convincing.
  • The clip known as "Sparky's Lament" in which Sparky claims "HUUUHH???" (taken from the episode "The Snake Track") became an internet meme.

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