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Speed Racer Wiki is a collaborative database for everything related to the animated franchise, Speed Racer. The wiki format allows anyone to create and edit any page on the site, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database about the show and the film.


Category List

Speed Racer
Played by: Emile Hirsch
Original series: Peter Fernandez
Played by: Christina Ricci
Original series: Corinne Orr
Mom Racer
Played by: Susan Sarandon
Original series: Corinne Orr
Pops Racer
Played by: John Goodman
Original series: Jack Curtis
Spritle Racer
Played by: Paulie Litt
Original series: Corinne Orr
Chim Chim
Played by: Kenzie and Willy
Original series: Jack Grimes
Racer X
Played by: Matthew Fox
Original series: Peter Fernandez
Taejo Togokhan
Played by: Rain
Original series: Never appeared

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