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The T-180 is the name of the World Racing League stock racers. Very similar to Formula 1 race cars at first glance, T-180s are capable of speeds up to 400 MPH. They are also equipped with auto-jacks for jumping, or simply changing tires out quickly. All 4 wheels on a T-180 are capable of rotating independently, allowing them to spin without total loss of control and perform very skilled drifts. The only reason why the Mach 5 cannot run in T-180 races is because of its conventional wheelbase and axle.

T-180 cars
Nitro Venderhoss
Jack "Cannonball" Taylor
Racer X
Speed Racer
Snake Oiler
Gray Ghost
Pitter Pat
Sonic "Boom Boom" Renaldi
Prince Kabala
Other T-180 racers and their cars

Rosey Blaze - Thistle
Taejo Togokhan - [Hangul]]
Kellie "Gearbox" Kalinkov - Matryoshka
Booster Mbube - Surge Box
Gothorm Danneskjøld - Taangrisnir
Colonel Colon - Chit Ticket
Mariana Zanja - Petrobras-1
Denise Mobile - Iodyde
Esther "Rev" Reddy - Scuttler
Scooter Dickey - D-Barrel
Kakkoi Teppodama - Seppuku
Sam "Lightning" Storm - Nuke Shot
Sweet-Tooth Jangala - Gormandizer
Chim-Chim - Chimpinator

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