Tatsunoko Production Company (株式会社タツノコプロ Kabushiki gaisha Tatsunoko Puro?), previously known as Kabushiki gaisha Tatsunoko Purodakushon (株式会社竜の子プロダクション?) and often shortened to Tatsunoko Pro (タツノコプロ Tatsunoko Puro?), is a Japanese animation company. It was founded in October 1962 by anime pioneer Tatsuo Yoshida and his brothers, Kenji and Toyoharu (pen name "Ippei Kuri").[2] The studio's name has a double meaning in Japanese: "Tatsu's child" (Tatsu is a nickname for Tatsuo) and "sea dragon", the inspiration for its seahorse logo.[2][3] Tatsunoko's headquarters are in Musashino, Tokyo.



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