Mammoth car is heading to the Boat.

The Mammoth Car and Mach 5 Still racing in the Dock. Until Mammoth Car is about to go into the boat.

Mammoth car is melted on fire

The Mammoth Car has Melted into $50 Gold.


Satisfied that Speed and Trixie are dead at the bottom of Lake Icy Chill, the Mammoth Car drivers continue the race. Through Speed's telescanner, he sees them leave as he reaches soil. Trixie now sends a message in the homing robot to Inspector Detector. Speed strongly suspects that the stolen gold is aboard on the Mammoth Car. From his plane, Cruncher Block spots the Mach 5 back on the road. Speed and Trixie are fired upon at the refueling station. When they escape into a mining tunnel, they jump on top of a speeding trolley car before it crashes. Back at the refueling station, Spritle and Chim Chim sneak outside of Cruncher's airplane. They escape into the tunnel, which turned out to be Cruncher's headquarters. Speed and Trixie are both tied to a trolley loaded with three tons of dynamite connected to it. Racer X arrives and saves both of them.

At the checkpoint, the Inspector searches the Mammoth Car. No gold is found there. When Speed reaches the checkpoint, Spritle and Chim Chim slip out to hide in the Mammoth Car. The Mach 5 and the Mammoth Car cross the finish line and tie for first place. They continue at breakneck speed towards the shipyard. Now, Spritle and Chim Chim both knock out the Car’s driver while Speed jumps in and then flees with his brother and chimp just as the car causes a collision with an oil tank, making it melt into a pool of molten gold.





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