Togokhan Motors Logo

Speed togokahn

Togokhan Motors (토고칸) is a Korean-Japanese automobile manufacturer who also participates in professional motorsports. A bitter business rival of Royalton Industries, they worked to break the race-fixing committed by said company. The owner's son, Taejo Togokhan, previously worked alone endangering his life to accomplish this, until he was saved by Racer X and approached by Inspector Detector to help. Togokhan Industries then builds a team comprising Taejo, Racer X and Speed Racer to win The Crucible, a no-holds-barred race, previously fixed for Snake Oiler to win. The true goal of its president, however, is to topple Royalton Industries from its top position, not to expose it.

Known Personnel



  • Togokhan's logo is in Korean. The English spelling is a simple approximation of the name.

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