Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to any aspect of the Speed Racer franchise. This fan character (or OC in technical terms) is made for non-profit entertainment purposes.


  • Name: Ethan Yves Écran A.K.A. "Grey Ghost" (this is supposed to be my take on a classic-styled version of the Grey Ghost character from the 2008 movie)
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 23
  • Nationality: France
  • Profession: Racing driver
  • Affiliation: Écran Établissement (E2 for short)
  • Family: Yves Écran III (younger brother), Louis Écran (father), Madeline Écran (mother), Yves Écran II (grandfather)
  • Personality: He plays fair on the racetrack, and is an honorable man. He also cares for his family, but is not too fond of his father, who never seemed to be easily impressed.
  • Racing Style: While he plays fair, he is cunning and liked to sneak up on his opponents before catching them by surprise and overtaking them, all without cheating.
  • Background: No information yet

The Car

  • Name: Brume (French for "mist")
  • Model: Écran Établissement Spectre Series Model E08
  • Racing Number: 23 (like in the 2008 film)
  • Layout: Mid-engine, four-wheel drive
  • Engine: Karasugoi Flat-14 (a reference to the Fumeé's Karasugoi hotblock)
  • Suspension: Ellief reinforced double wishbones with adjustable coil-over shock dampers (a reference to the Ellief joint system in the Fumeé)
  • Other Features:
    • Composite-material monocoque chassis
    • Two-rotor vented disc brakes
    • Air intake vents
    • Formula 1 style transmission system
  • Physical Appearance: N/A

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