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The World Racing League (WRL for short) is an organization featured in the 2008 Speed Racer film and video game. It is an international sanctioning body for professional motorsports, holding racing events at venues such as Thunderhead, Fuji Helexicon, and even the Grand Prix Colosseum. For every racing event sanctioned by the WRL, there is always a group of sports commentators, each from a different country and speaking in their native languages, likely to give racing truly international representation.

For years, even before the events of the film, all of the major WRL-sanctioned races are fixed by corporate sponsors with the outcomes intended to raise stock prices and maximize profits, with Royalton Industries being chief amongst them. Royalton's involvement in the race-fixing scheme was unraveled in the WRL Grand Prix when their GRX, driven by Jack "Cannonball" Taylor, was revealed to have an illegal spear hook device equipped to it. This helped to build the case for the C.I.B.'s investigation into the race-fixing.

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